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Human beings forget that everything in the natural world is connected and is part of the same web of life and therefore should be respected and honoured daily.

To provide intervention, support and understanding to victims and to create channels of support to motivate and restore their self-esteem and lifestyle.
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Scam Awareness / Pro-active Prevention / Education / Support

Sky Women NPC is a non-profitable community service company that offers a one-stop helpline, Information and Support Centre for victims of 419 scams/ cyber fraud within South Africa and Global. The company’s aim is to take action against 419 scams/ cyber fraud on social media platforms and thus protect its potential victims by creating public awareness through its 419 Scam awareness campaigns, pro-active prevention, education and support of scam victims in South Africa. The NPC has done much research on scams on social media and all online dating sites.

Sky Women intends to work via social media and mainstream media (TV, radio stations, magazines and newspapers). It also offers scam awareness and education presentations at schools and on “Talk shows” as well as presents a series of television programs to inform the public about the danger of 419 scams/cyber fraud and the supportive role that Sky Women NPC plays to assist scam victims.

Scamming & cyber hacking on social media are out of control and everybody is at high risk. A large amount of people of all race, men, women, elderly retirees, children and businesses get scammed and fall prey to malicious scams/cyber fraudsters on social media and the results are devastating. Most victims are losing their lifesavings, their homes, vehicles, furniture, credibility and businesses, family and friends and are left homeless without food or proper and immediate medical care. Due to the economy that we are facing, it is very difficult for families to help scam victims financially or to provide for them. Due to the huge impact of scams, victims are suicidal after being scammed and struggle for years to regain control of their life.  Anyone can be a victim to scams for financial gain.

Some scams are easier to spot and some merely unrecognizable. The public critics have double standards when it comes to economic crimes. When a car gets hi-jacked or when a home is burgled, some have empathy, but when scams or cyber-attacks are involved, a different standard seems to apply. Initial reactions will be that a person or companies are not a victim of crime, but rather their competence will be put under question. No person will invite crime into their life and knowingly put themselves in danger.  The public ridicule comments and blame have often been exacerbated by lack of knowledge, understanding and support from the wider community, friends and family. This has hampered victims of economic crimes being able to reach out for emotional support at a time when they need it most.

Sky Women team has understanding when it comes to the mental abuse, manipulation and impact of scams on a victim. Similar to victims of violent crimes, victims of economic crimes suffer mental and emotional abuse as well as stress-related physical effects. Scammers take a victim’s money, their means of survival, victimize and abuse them at every level in the most horrific ways e.g. physically, mentally and spiritually. The effect of victimization on a scam victim is like “psychological mugging” or “like being raped”. The victims experience the same loss of trust issues that victims of sexual assault experience. Scam victims’ ability to engage in further relationships can be seriously damaged. This might attribute to large amount of suicides in South-Africa and Global.

Most of these men and women who are scammed are taxpaying citizens who are actively part of the economy. Due to the nature of scamming, the economy is robbed of their contribution to the work pool, as 5 jobs are directly and indirectly affected by the loss of income once these men and women lose their financial resources. The skill pool is also affected as these men and women, in the majority of cases, withdraw from their active involvement in the economy due to the damage done to their self-esteems.

It is estimated that if scam/cyber fraud in South-Africa could be measured, it would have the level of impact that would justify a “special investigating unit” within the Hawks to deal specifically with this crime.

Since Sky Women is a non-profitable community company and has been formed in direct response to the “high increasing” number of scam victims on social media platforms within South Africa, it encourages all institutions and government to participate in the fight against scamming and cyber fraud. Our communities are not protected and everyone is at high risk. In this respect, Sky Women NPC requires financial support, sponsors and donations.

We stand up against scams / cyber fraud and the abuse of humankind. The economic system will collapse due to scams.
"A massive amount of vulnerable men, women, widowed, elderly retirees, children and businesses get scammed every day on social media platforms and the results are devastating"
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