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Scam Awareness & Prevention
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About us


Sky Women is a South- African registered non-profit Company, which offering a unique one stop helpline, information and support centre for all scam victims in South-Africa and globally. According to CEO and founder, Louise Heyns, our intention is to educate the public in scam awareness, prevention, education and support of scam victims who have lost everything.
We are active facilitators of God whose aim is to protect society from the evil of scams and to ensure the world becomes a better place. The Company’s aim is to offer a unique service and support to all 419 scam victims, women, children and the elderly across all socio strata who have been scam victims, the vulnerable, and assist them from falling prey to online social media platforms, including dating sites. We also focus on businesses who have been scammed on an increasingly large scale. We are not connected to any political party in South Africa

To provide intervention, support and understanding to scam victims and create channels of support to help them revitalise their motivation and regain their former confidence. We also actively combat scams/cyber fraud on social media
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