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Effects on Victims


In a word devastating….

The victim loses essential necessities of life. Most victims lose their life savings, homes, furniture, vehicles, as well as their dignity and credibility. Families and friends distance themselves in most cases.

Many victims become suicidal and struggle to regain control of their lives. Finances, health and marriages suffer the consequences and victims often drown in depression.

Sky Women’s mandate includes support and assistance in uplifting victims from merely existing to empower them to become a ‘scambassador’.

Anyone regardless of race or religion can become a scam victim. People irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds are vulnerable, including companies who engage on social media platforms. Victims include widows, retirees and children. In fact anyone who use social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Hangout, What’s app. Skype, Messenger and many online dating sites.

With the deluge of social media sites, we anticipate this toxic condition to increase in our connected world.  Protection and awareness are paramount for individuals and companies alike.

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