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A "scammer" or fraudster is a person who operates in their personal capacity or within a syndicate.

The goal of a "scammer" or fraudster is to obtain gifts, favours, products, services, loans, or investments from unsuspecting individuals or key people within an institution through very skilled persuasion techniques that involve emotional manipulation.

The fraudster does not intend to “show up” (offer any type of reimbursement), repay loans, or pay for any products or services received.

To achieve a fraudster's goal, he or she will play on the victim's feelings and convince them through love conversations and promises of future love escapades, shares in business, good returns on investment, fame, etc, knowing that none of this will materialize.

Once the victim realizes that he or she has been cheated and stops the supply to the fraudster, the fraudster will become nasty and use verbal abuse and comments and even threaten the victim to achieve their goal. The fraudster will go so far as to ask one or more of their other unsuspecting victims (who has been deceived by the fraudster to provide services or support without compensation) to threaten the victim. If the fraudster is part of a syndicate, the threats will become more serious and the victim will be threatened by one or more of their accomplices - even with threats of a physical harm, death, or hijacking.
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