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Letter of Hope


From CEO and founder of Sky women team, Louise Heyns “We would like to send out a message of hope to all scam victims worldwide who were victims of scams on social media. We as, Sky Women, understand the devastating impact of the scam on your life.  We are very saddened that you were a victim of a social media scams.  We are sharing your pain, your loss and post-traumatic status. You did nothing wrong and are not to blame. You were a victim of crime”

The truth is that no one would invite crime into their life and knowingly put themselves in danger of a scam or any crime. Remember that scams are always to blame for robbing you with their brilliant malicious techniques and highly sophisticated devices. You are a caring human being who trusted someone who deceived, manipulated and mentally abused you in the worst possible way.

You might experience the following symptoms:
  • Feeling of “psychological mugging or mental rape”.
  • You feel emotional wounded and damaged after being scammed and it is perfectly normal and even healthy to grieve.
  • You may experience feelings of denial, anger and depression.
  • You may find it difficult to speak openly about your scam experience and most often “hide in silence” due to the mental abuse and manipulation.
  • You may feel guilty, ashamed and  embarrassed, but remember it is not your fault.
  • You may have lost your life savings, your home, business, vehicle and are left without support.
  • Your  trust in people has been damaged and you might find it difficult to engage with colleagues, friends and future relationships.
  • You may feel you have lost something much more valuable: your self-worth, self-esteem and dignity.
  • You may be left without food or immediate medical care and land up homeless, resorting to unhygienic shelters.
  • Your health may deteriorate after being scammed.
  • You realise that it will take years to take control of your life.
  • Your family and friends might blame you, overreact at first and say some hurtful things or reject you due to lack of understanding and knowledge of the scamming techniques.
  • You may feel that compared to your financial loss, the scams “emotional abuse and manipulation” is harder to bear.

You were the victim of a terrible crime against you, a crime against humanity. You know the truth about your scam experience, the scares, the mental abuse, your pain and loss. Only those who were a victim of economic crimes will be able to support, reach out and understand you. It is important for you to forgive the public, family and friends, brutal attacks, ridicule comments and blame as their judgement is often exacerbated by lack of knowledge, understanding and support from the wider community, friends and family.

You need to forgive the scams and those who judge you for inner peace and happiness. This has hampered you in being able to reach out for emotional support at a time when you need it most. We as Sky Women are here to support you. As a victim it is very important that you have to be strong to live, work, taking time to part again in a social environment and set new goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself because healing is a process. You are a survivor and a winner.  You are not alone.

Friends and family often abandon the victim and distance themselves at a times when support is crucial to their recovery. Join us, Sky Women NPC, as “scambassadors” in the fight against scams/cyber fraud and to combat these crimes on social media. Tell us your story of how you were scammed and help us with our social and main stream awareness campaigns to protect our communities. Sky Women NPC are in need of volunteers to help us with the fight against scams & cyber fraud. We plead on behalf of the victims for donations of funds, food, clothing and shelter.
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