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Louise Heyns

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After four years of intensive research regarding social media scams & cyber hacking, Sky Women NPC was created by Louise Heyns.  Louise, studied law at UNISA but decided to follow her passion of entrepreneurship. A successful business woman, with 26 years’ experience as a residential developer and bond originator in the property sector. Louise also owned a guest house as well as coffee & Gift shop.

She is an activist against scam abuse of women.

She embraced the cause of women who were mentally abused by a highly sophisticated group of Nigerian scammers and cyber hackers on social media, with devastating results.  All these women have lost millions; some of them losing their life savings, properties, vehicles, businesses and credibility. Family members often distance themselves and some resorted to shelters. Her discoveries on social media scams inspired her to form Sky Women NPC.

Scamming is a “psychological crime” and the mental abuse is far more damaging than financial losses. Scam victims need assistance to recover their lost self-esteem and dignity. They require professional input from social workers and psychologists’ and respectable shelters to uplift and reverse their negative thinking and return them into the working environment and society.

Founder / CEO: Sky Louise Heyns

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