Modus Operandi - Sky Women NPC

Scam Awareness & Prevention
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Modus Operandi


  • We analyse our reports and other information to identify patterns and hotspots of 419 scam fraud on all social mediums. We prepare research reports to expose 419 scam fraud and share our finding solutions and taking action on prevention measures with the public, the Government and the private sector;
  • We develop public engagement campaigns on National level, to take stand against 419 scam fraud and its devastating effects, to be part of our “scam awareness “campaigns on all social media platforms. Our campaigns involve the scam victim, the public community group, social media group, schools and the private sector;
  • We create events & information session across the country to help those being profiled to not fall prey to the scams;
  • We are developing a directory with contact details of South African Psychological therapists;
  • We provide help and support with initiated food projects and basic household necessities for scam victims that has lost everything;
  • We initiate projects to unite scam victims in South Africa, provide resources and encourage scam victims to participate to join the fight against scams;
  • We initiate and establish national school educational projects to educate schools, the youth and their families;
  • We are compiling a booklet on scams;
  • We are providing a data base to authority for further investigation;
  • We encourage and support a special investigation unit on 419 scams in SAP and the Hawks;
  • We are working with universities on a Case study on Nigerian 419 scams in order to find solutions;
  • Schools and other communities will host many of Sky Women activities as the business objects has a large proactive element to their engagement;
  • The Identified renewable matching grant of funding is based on the concept that local funding sources have a level of understanding of these victims' needs with matching contributions from local partners and to receive substantial funding.

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