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Scam Awareness & Prevention
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  • Provide information to the community of victims using as many platforms as possible and act as a repository of gathered information that will help victims survive and help others;
  • Create events and information sessions across the country to help those being profiled to not fall prey to the scams;
  • Provide branded Sky Women shelters with food for scam victims in South-Africa & International;
  • To empower victims by encouraging them to up-skill themselves and facilitate job opportunities for the victims;
  • To create and vet content for the various platforms to continue to push awareness of the devastating effects of these scammers and their  strategies & plans;
  • To create an active and relevant ecosystem of support to victims;
  • To develop and provide a Sky Women APP where businesses and the community can report scam/cyber fraud / perpetrators;
  • Developing an appropriate therapeutic, psychological and supportive social service, including a toll-free helpline, for everyone who is/has been a victim of social scamming, or whose family has been affected by scamming;
  • Developing an appropriate information centre in order to gather information from scam victims and the general public. This information will be used to build a database with invaluable information which will be utilized for further investigation;
  • Developing appropriate education and awareness programs to inform the public; in particular vulnerable women, children, widowers and elderly retirees of scamming methods used by scam perpetrator;
  • Researching scamming and scam agents/perpetrators within the South African and Global context;
  • Publishing a scams booklet, which will not only create an awareness of the high incidence of scamming in South Africa, but also present the dedicated Sky Women campaign, whose sole purpose it is to protect the citizens of our country;
  • Providing media support through writing and publishing of articles for local newspapers and magazines including – but not limited to – an expert columnist who will provide up-to-the-minute information and advice on the most recent scams reported in South Africa, thereby keeping the public updated and providing an early warning service;
  • Training and development of staff members and volunteers. Sky Women will provide a coordinating and developmental role as well as train other ‘scambassadors’ to participate in the Sky Women campaign;
  • Raising the matter of scamming as a key topic of national concern in Parliament, which will elevate the current crisis of financial scamming and or cyber-fraud at National level, and encouraging local authorities and potential ‘scambassadors’ to join the Sky Women team, thus assisting the spread of information in respect of scamming and the victims thereof;
  • To assist in providing resources and credible voices for research and data gathering from the various stakeholders involved in preventative measures;
  • Production of a TV documentary that will form part of scam awareness/pro-active prevention, education and support of scam victims;
  • To provide help and support with initiated food projects and basic household necessities for scam victims (single women, widowers, elderly retirees) that have lost everything they own;
  • To collaborate with other NPC organizations/companies to provide an additional service to scam victims supplying basic food access & medical care;
  • Sky Women will collaborate and train volunteers / scam victims how to recognize hotspots on scams and work together as a network on all social media platforms to combat scams. To upskill themselves and facilitate job opportunities for the victims;
  • Our activities process between the public, the scam victims and those who hold power within the public and private sectors. Sky Women own communication platforms and its relationships with the mainstream an community media amplify the voice of “scam victims” to ensure that they are heard by those in position of authority, scam victims, the public and private sector report 419 scams on social media platforms to us.
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