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Scam Awareness & Prevention
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It is critical that Sky Women NPC run the following projects annually.

Global Sky Women Scam Awareness Project
  • Global digital scam awareness campaigns on social/mainstream media, including victims’ experiences.  We need to protect, educate vulnerable communities and alert the public on latest scams and strategies.  
  • Annual global fundraising campaigns on all social media platforms.
  • Annual gala event with keynote speakers and cyber experts
  • Global fundraising campaigns on all social media platforms to raise funds for shelters and food for victims homeless after being scammed resort to shelter life
  • To develop a TV documentary on SABC channels and to publish an online scam booklet and app
  • To develop and implement a “special investigating unit” with tracing and intelligent software, to investigate 419 social media scams/cyber fraud with collaboration from the FBI, Hawks and Interpol.
  • Workshops countrywide including companies and vulnerable individuals

Sky World Giant Turtle Shelter & Food Project
  • To establish Branded Sky Women shelters in SA followed by similar shelters abroad. Unlike present shelters our Sky shelters will be self- sufficient with nourishing food for them providing social workers and psychologists, immediate medical care, reducing suicides.
  • We will engage with recruitment agencies to motivate victims to integrate with normal society.
  • This includes “Charity Ride against Scam abuse of Women and children” on social media in conjunction with media sponsors

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