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The Victim


A scam deprives victims of the necessities of life. Most of the victims have lost their life savings, homes, furniture, vehicles, family, friends, businesses and most of all their credibility. One victim who lost her home slept on the floor of a tiny rented apartment with no furniture. When scam victims are left homeless, most of the time they are unable to provide for themselves without family assistance.
Due to the current economy in South Africa, it is very difficult for families to help a scam victim financially. Some scam victims are suicidal and struggle for years to regain control of their life. Their finances, health and marriage are the first to suffer the consequences of being scammed and they often sink into a deep depression.  Sky Women will assist in changing  the fate of these vulnerable women, children, elderly and move these victims from a position of surviving to turning a corner where they can thrive and help change the lives of others.

Anyone irrespective of race or religion can be a victim of financial gain scams and victims come from all educational levels and social-economic backgrounds including companies who engage on social media platforms. The victims are vulnerable single men/women, widows/widowers, retirees, children and businesses who engage on social media platforms including:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Hangout, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger and all online dating sites. Unfortunately, the majority of women and elderly get scammed.  Companies, public, banks and government cannot ignore this problem anymore.
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